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Good Girl Art may be what Franchesco is best known for… yet pin-ups of beautiful ladies, are not the only thing he excels at. His images have appeared in the pages of Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and countless other publications. Some of his latest beauties, appear on the covers for Big City Comics.

This Award-Winning Artist has created artwork, that has been enjoyed by millions. His wildly popular ANARCHY Graphic Novel, seen by over 3 million viewers on Youtube… was also recognized with the highest award given, for Excellence in Advertising. Some of his latest drawings, have been seen on the SyFy Channel… featuring characters from their original series: Heroes of Cosplay.

This Fan-Favorite illustrator feels that his greatest achievement, aside from mastering the ability to conceptualize, pencil, ink, color (and everything in between) …is that he hasn’t lost that loving feeling. Its just as much fun for him to sit down at the drawing table today, as it was when he first put pencil to paper.

Feb 2018

franchesco dr strange

franchesco ms flash

franchesco collage

franchesco - ms titan