Marion Ramsey

The American Actress Marion Ramsey was born on 10th May 1947. Apart from being an actress, Marion is also a talented song writer and composer. It was her role of Laverne Hooks in Police Academy movies that made her earn huge fame. She also appeared in the series Cos on regular basis. She also worked for the SyFy channel‘s films Lavalantula 1 and Lavalantula 2’s Return to Bobylon and Recipe for Disaster. Her roles in movies and series are a big hit despite of the fact that she has not remained a mainstream actress. TV credits include Beverly Hills, Robot Chicken, MacGyver and Tim and Eric Awesome Show and in the The Jeffersons in 1976; Marion played the role of Tracy Davis in the movie.

     Aside from the big screen Marion has spent time on Broadway. Shows include Ain’t Misbehavin’, Uptown…It’s Hot, Grind, Rock ‘ Roll! The First 5,000 Years, Eubie!, Hello, Dolly!