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GalaxyFest is a pop culture festival and is very similar to a “comic con” along with some very interesting twists. Besides seeing comics you will feel like you have traveled into a fantasy world of pop culture that won’t ever stop, as it goes around the clock from beginning to end.  Every February celebrities, vendors, actors, artists, authors from Colorado Springs to the end of the earth come to represent genres such as comics, steampunk, sci-fi, anime and more.  Simply put GalaxyFest is a 3-day celebration of the eclectic arts and pop culture which brings our community together.

You will find shows, panels, photography sessions, autograph session, interactive displays and a time for everyone. All three days are family friendly with Sunday catering to the kids (12 and under are Free with a paid adult). Adults (18+) will discover Friday and Saturday nights to be very enticing. 

Come enjoy the only comic con, sorta, in Colorado Springs that rocks around the clock while you, and your family, proclaim your inner geek. 


The News:

It is with a heavy heart that GalaxyFest announces the cancellation of GalaxyFest 2020.

The vision and desire to bring geeks, nerds, and fandoms together motivated David and Diann Wacks to start GalaxyFest in 2012. David’s legacy and Diann’s heart will always remain inside the GalaxyFest family. It has always been a place for everyone, no matter who you are, where you come from, or where you’re going.

WE THANK YOU ALL! Strangers, fans, fandoms, celebrities, vendors, daytime/nighttime performers, drag queens/kings, artists, authors, stylist, cosmetologists, body painters, mermaids, sound and light professionals, stage managers, emcees and hosts, , fashion designers, costume designers, cosplayers, vehicle cosplayers, teachers, leaders, mentors, little kids, big kids, comics, steampunk, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, zombies, screen writers, film producers, actors/actresses, caterers, sponsors in-kind and cash, military and civilian security, all hotel staff, radio and tv professionals, social media professionals, photographers, videographers, marketing support, travel agents, drivers, hosts/hostesses, GalaxyFest Fan Club, GalaxyFest AfterDark, GalaxyFest Paparazzi Guild, convention volunteers and the list continues to every facet and individual who has been vital in the success of GalaxyFest.

The innumerable hours of commitment (and sometimes money) that was put in by everyone deserves just as much thanks and appreciation!

Special recognition goes out to those who helped start and to those who kept running GalaxyFest with many dedicated hours of personal frustration, joy, heartbreak, and satisfaction:

David and Diann Wacks / Michael and Bonnie Bliss / Charles and Tawny Orndorff/ Shannon Liska / Karen Holloway and Sue Oska / David Medinnus / Jo Ann Byrne / Shannon Liska / Gary Halverson / Gentle Fritz / Bill Stewart / Karen Perrin / Mike Goodell / Dan Atkinson / Jim and Chris Hake / Sakura Hertel / Garrett Wang and Megan Elise / Lynda and Scott Cink / Brian and Julie Swanson /

The Good News:

GalaxyFest fan club is sticking around! Look for us working the movies, the symphony, sporting events, and special projects. There will be sponsoring and support of various events and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related activities. And being GalaxyFest, we like to add in the Arts to make it STE(A)M!

The very first GalaxyFest scholarship of $2,000 will be awarded for fall semester 2019. This comes from the GalaxyFest family through donations, silent auctions and more. The scholarship is being awarded to a young woman who is going to college and is studying STEM related subjects. We will continue to raise money in cooperation with the Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Pikes Peak Community College.

So, keep your ear to the ground and keep watching for more exciting things to come!

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