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Mysteries of the Mind – Paul Draper

Mysteries of the Mind Logo
February 23, 2017
Doors open at 7:00 pm | Show at 8:00 pm

The Gold Room

18 S Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, Colorado


In his show, “Mysteries of the Mind”, mentalist Paul Draper reaches into the minds of the observers and tells them their thoughts.


He teaches audiences how to tell when someone is lying and how to read subtle body language—just like Sherlock Holmes solving a crime. Draper shares secrets to having a super memory. When given a list of unusual words shouted out by the audience, he will effortlessly repeat the given words in any order.


Putting his own money on the line, Draper controls the thoughts and actions of audience members and predicts their actions before they make them—and then shows why it works!


“His mind games have got to be seen to be believed. Paul will leave you boggled!” – Hallmark Channel