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Paparazzi Guild

 Why join the GalaxyFest Paparazzi Guild*:

Be one of a handful of photographers to officially shoot GalaxyFest
Have exclusive access to all GalaxyFest programming to include our renowned AfterDark programming
Help GalaxyFest support numerous programs within STEM, Literature and the Arts
Enjoy opportunities throughout the year for various events with GalaxyFest and the community.


Celebrity Photo Shoots: Don Searle

Official Personal Celebrity Photographer: Mike Goodell


Chiseled Light Photography

Nlightened Designs

Broken Glass Photography 


AM/PM Photography

Rick Schroeder Photography 

Photos by Badmanjerry

MalecArt Photography 

David Adcox Photography 

Todd McClintic 

It takes more than a phone with a camera to capture the true essence of GalaxyFest. It takes an artist. That artist is YOU!


*Membership in the GalaxyFest Photography Guild is by application submission and acceptance only. All members will be screened by the Guild selection committee.


Read and understand Expectations prior to submitting form:
2018 Expectations and Agreements


Submissions for GalaxyFest Photography Guild, Fill in application below and submit:

2018 Expectations and Agreements

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