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Exhibitor Spaces


To join us as a vendor, artist, author, supporter, or organization: read through this page, understand what table/ booth type you need and any add-ons or upgrades. At the bottom click on the request form, complete, and submit.  

Vendor / Author / Artist Application 2018

(send in application – once approved an invoice will be sent to you for electronic payment)


Vendor Room Spaces

All prices are on Dated Pricing see chart below

All vendor spots include 1 six-foot table, 2 chairs, and 2 entries.

Vendor hours are TBD at this time. Doors will be secured nightly. Security will be also be on staff around the clock.

Vendor Room Options (Standard Pricing)

10 ft. by 24 ft. against wall corner (excessive wattage available at additional cost)    


10 ft. by 10 ft. along wall electricity included. (excessive wattage available at additional cost)


8 ft. by 8 ft. interior (electricity not provided)



Extra Badges / Wristbands for the weekend (maximum 2 additional badges per booth)


VIP Badge / Wristbands Updgrade




Dated Pricing

Restructured Pricing (the same or lowered from 2017)

Area Typebefore Sep 30
Discount Pricing
Oct 1 -Jan 31
Standard Pricing
Feb 1-At the Door
Premium Pricing
10ft x 24ft Vendor Room or
(2) 10ft x 10ft Vendor Room spaces for a single vendor
10ft x 10ft Vendor Room$310.00$410.00$510.00
8ft x 8ft Vendor Room$225.00$325.00$425.00
Vendor Hallway$125.00$150.00$250.00
Author/Artist Hallway Table$100.00$100.00$200.00
VIP Badge Upgrade$75.00$75.00$125.00
Add-on Badge$20.00$20.00unavailab


Vendor / Artist / Author Application 2018



Hallway Tables

Hallwa tables are literally in the hallway of the hotel. Advantages are you can set your hours (we request you are open at least during vendor room hours), e.g. you can stay open during the AfterDark programming or even 24-hours if you want. Disadvantage is you must secure any merchandise yourself when not at the table.

All prices are on Dated Pricing see chart above

Artist & Author (10 available each)

6 ft. table with approx. 3 feet of space behind, includes 2 chairs and 2 badges – for promotion & selling of artist’s / author’s own written, drawn, or other form of artwork (2D)



Hallway Vendor

6 ft. table with approx. 3 feet of space behind, includes 2 chairs and 2 badges– for selling of manufactured goods and 3D art (jewelry, etc)



Fan Club Tables (20 available)

6 ft. table with approx. 3 feet of space behind, includes 2 chairs, must purchase own badges – for promoting conventions, non-profit organizations, fandom groups & events. No selling permitted; except for memberships, approved organization related items, or donations to a 501(c)3 charity or our charity. Must register intent and information prior to selling/collecting. LIMITED NUMBER OF THESE TABLES AVAILABLE




Vendor / Artist / Author Application 2018


Neither GalaxyFest, The Antlers Wyndham, or anyone associated with these organizations may be held liable for any damage or loss or theft. You are responsible for any damage done to your area / product.  Nothing may be hung on the walls unless accomplished by the hotel (could include a fee). All signs in the hallway must be professionally printed and rated PG-13 or less. GalaxyFest does not make any guarantees of attendance or sales. Vendors are responsible for their own sales.
As vendors ourselves, we always recommend event or other insurance coverage to handle loss or liability from damage.

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Thank you 


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