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Susanne Lambdin


Susanne Lambdin

Author of the Dead Hearts Series about teenagers battling zombies on top of Pike’s Peak, using every tourist attraction in Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs for the setting. This series is about a mutating virus that creates not only zombies, but vampires, werewolves, werepumas and a whole string of supernatural creatures.  She is best known for based in part credit for Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Season 4, Episode 78, entitled “Family.”


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Dead Hearts has a new vampire series, Bloodlines, which will debut in 2016.  The Bloodline trilogy follows the adventures of Logan Bennet, a character from the zombie series, and three other characters, including Picasso, the Army Ranger with the heart of gold.  All three books are written and are going through the editing process at this time.  With lots of action and adventures, a little romance, in this new time-travel vampire series.  It’s not like anything you’ve read before so be prepared for some very wild plots and the return of Cadence and Earth Corp.

The next trilogy will be Night Breed, about the werewolves of Death Hearts, takes up back to Manitou Springs, Colorado.  The Cheyenne Mountain Wolf Tribe and Luna’s werepuma pride will shine in the werewolf series.  The first novel, Blood Moon, is currently being written.

Stay tune for more announcements about the exciting spin-off series’ from Dead Hearts.


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