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All booths for GalaxyFest 2019 are 

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Area TypeDiscount PricingMar 1 -Jan 1
Standard Pricing
Jan 2-At the Door
Premium Pricing
(2) 10ft x 10ft Vendor Room spaces for a single vendor (contact us for invoicing)$500.00$595.00$695.00
10ft x 10ft Vendor Room$310.00$410.00$510.00
8ft x 8ft Vendor Room$225.00$325.00$425.00
6ft Vendor Room Table Space (Artist/Author)$175.00$225.00$400.00
Vendor Hallway$150.00$175.00$250.00
Author/Artist Hallway Table$125.00$125.00$200.00
VIP Badge Upgrade$150.00$95.00$150.00
Add-on Badge$25.00$45.00unavailab

Get your vendor upgrades and add-ons now!

Add-ons can only be done before GalaxyFest 2019.

VIP upgrades can be done now or during GalaxyFest 2019